Case Study:

Stock Image Library for a Fitness Brand

Client: Cat Booker Fitness 2012-13

Is your photography fit for your brand?

Cat Booker Fitness is a Buckinghamshire-based fitness and well-being brand that started from Owner/Director Cat’s passion as a fitness professional. Originally from a marketing background, Cat now runs her own successful fitness studio as well as working for International fitness brands as a Master Trainer.

With over 25 years of marketing communications experience Sam Lane Photography worked with Cat to create an extensive library of images to cover all aspects of the business from Personal training to Pilates small group work to Spinning® classes and personal branding.

CBF has used the images extensively in her marketing – on her website, social media, external posters and advertisements. The shoots were achieved in one energetic and fun day at three different venues where Cat who was working, followed by a morning shoot during an open day at the current venue where Cat consolidates her work.

“Sam understands the importance of portraying a positive brand image, or consistency and brand values. The huge array of photos she’s taken has allowed me to showcase the diverse activities my business covers and it is as if I have my own stock library.

“Many people have complimented the photos, including a graphic designer who works on my posters and leaflets, which make a huge difference when the marketing gets put together.

“Quite early on I had decided what my brand values would be and the logo was designed and photographs taken, and then everything else followed. Having the bank of photographs of me and the space I train people in was essential.

“What is really unique is Sam Lanes’ natural energy and enthusiasm for the subject matter, and ability to really switch into the environment and take hold of the project.”
Cat Booker, Owner

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