Covid-19 measures

At samlane Limited we continue to remain vigilant about Covid-19 and the variants that are circulating. We understand that the Nations of the UK have slight variations on their current approach and with this in mind, all contracted Photographers and Videographers working with SLL will:

> Only commit to a booking if they have not travelled to or from a country that has been listed on the government’s Covid-19 quarantine or Red list (for any country in the UK) within the previous 14 days.

> Take their temperature at the beginning of the day on the day of any planned activity – before leaving home. They will immediately cancel their attendance if their temperature is 38 degrees or above and/or if they are feeling unwell. They should follow the latest government guidance on testing and contact tracing etc and self-isolate if required. No cancellation fees will be paid to the Contractor or charged to the Client and SLP will try to get cover at minimal additional travel costs.

> Wear a face covering on arrival at a venue and keep it on for the duration of the photography/videography – including during sign in and sign out. N95 face masks can be requested if required. If the Client and/or Venue do not require face covering, wearing one will be at the personal discretion of the individual photographer.

> Endeavour to maintain social distancing of at least 1m+, where practical, and avoid touching people, objects and surfaces. Use of cameras with longer lenses will be desirable so more distance can be achieved.

> Regularly use hand sanitiser: before and after arrival at a site/signing in; during the activity as applicable and; before and after leaving a site/signing out. Equipment will also be sanitised as required.

With regard to GDPR:

> Ideally agency/staff/guest consent will be obtained in advance of the activity by the Client.

> Verbal consent for photography and filming will be always be sought when on site and respect shown to anyone who does not wish to be photographed.

> Written consent – where a person is clearly identifiable – will be sought using photographer-supplied forms and pens (which will be sanitised before and after use).

> Click here to see the full GDPR policy with samlane Limited.

Additional Notes

> All Contractors have valid and up to date Public Liability Insurance for a minimum of £1m (and some at £10m).

> Some Contractors have DBS certificates, available on request.


Note: To be reviewed on the 1st of each month, and/or when Government guidelines are updated.

Next Review date: 1st July 2022