Katie and Thomas

Here are some extracts from a really lovely three-page testimonial Katie wrote following their wedding:

“Throughout every phase of our journey with Sam, I never doubted her authenticity. I trusted she was always giving Thomas and I the right advice; never driven by what may suit or benefit her.

“Sam became beyond our photographer from the beginning to the end by contributing to many aspects of the running of the day. She built relationships with the bridal party and our guests so quickly and with such ease and she was very much our guest on our wedding day as well as our photographer.

 “Sam was able to provide us with all of our photos within a few weeks of the wedding and we could not have been more delighted with all that she captured. Our guests continue to compliment Sam for her positive presence and energy on the day and we are all so pleased with the photos.

 “We would recommend Sam to anyone and everyone! We are even wondering what our next event could be just to have the opportunity of working with Sam again.

 “I hope many more brides are lucky to experience the magic of Sam.”

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